Located in the heart of Thai Town, Ruen Pair is definitely on our go-to list for very reasonably-priced and consistently delicious Thai food. We’ve been coming here for years, and every dish we’ve tried is great. So you can’t really go wrong with anything you oder at Ruen Pair.

There are, however, a few stand-out dishes that Ruen Pair does the best! And we’re excited to share more about those dishes with you in this post. Here’s a snippet: Ruen Pair’s got the best Fried Pork Jerky and Pad See Yew dishes we’ve had! Their Papaya Salad is also amazing…It’s one of the best, and definitely the largest portioned one, we’ve found in LA! Scroll below to read more about these tasty, must-have dishes.

Ruen Pair is also super-accessible. It’s opened from 11:00am to 3:00am daily—that’s a 16-hour period you can go enjoy great Thai food, every single day of the week! Closing time for Fridays and Saturdays are extended to 3:30am. Perfect for you late night owls with the munchies, or those of you looking to fill your stomachs after a night of clubbing in Hollywood.


This restaurant is located in Thai Town, within a plaza with at least three other Thai restaurants—Thai Patio, Red Corner Asia, and Crispy Pork Gang—and a place to pick up some traditional Thai desserts! There’s also a very-out-of-place sushi restaurant, on the left of Ruen Pair.


Ruen Pair
5257 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027

The Dishes

Fried Pork Jerky

If you only get one dish at Ruen Pair, make sure it’s this one. It sounds like a simple dish, and many Thai places have a version of this, but this one is better than any we’ve had. Most places will over-cook the pork and you’ll be gnawing on tough, super dry, meat but Ruen Pair cooks their’s perfectly. Browned on the outside and still slightly tender on the inside.


The pork itself has a semi sweet and salty flavor that’s good by itself, but the real magic happens when you use the dipping sauce that comes with it. It’s so complex; We haven’t figured out all the ingredients in it. Lime juice, roasted chillies, tamarind, and shallots are definitely components though.


Roast Duck Krapow

This is one of our favorite dishes at Ruen Pair. It’s a primarily savory dish with garlic, basil, chillies, and pieces of roast duck. It’s a dish with a lot of sauce; served with a generous helping of the duck “gravy” as well as a small dish of fish sauce and chillies, which we usually find unnecessary to use since the dish has the perfect amount of saltiness already. This dish is best enjoyed on top of a fragrant bowl of jasmine rice.


DSC01659 (1)


Pad See Yew

I am not a big fan of Pad Thai but I love me some Pad See Yew. Pan fried wide rice noodles cooked with Chinese broccoli, egg and (usually) beef in a slightly salty and sweet sauce. The noodles don’t have any sauce (like Pad Kee Mao) but they have a great subtle flavor.


The dish is always meant to be accompanied by the condiment tray that every Thai restaurant will have even if you don’t see it on each table. Ruen Pairs consist of dried chillies, chili sauce, chillies in vinegar, and plain white sugar. We tend to like ours with chillies in vinegar and dried chillies, but you can season it how you want.


Ruen Pair has a very large menu and even though we’ve been here dozens of times, we still haven’t tried everything. These three dishes are our personal favorites but some other notable dishes are:

  • Salty vegetable soup
  • Cha Po (Three types of pork over rice with sweet soy sauce)
  • Papaya salad. One of the best and most generous portions in L.A.
  • Penang curry
  • Morning glory

We’ll be reviewing those dishes on our future visits.


  • Bring cash with you. It’s a cash-only place, but there’s an ATM inside.
  • There is valet parking in the lot, and it’s usually $3 with validation. Metered and free street parking is also available, but it can be hard to find!
  • Sundays – Thursdays: 11:00am – 3:00am (you read correctly; that’s AM!), Fridays and Saturdays: 11:00am – 3:30am