Ras Noodle

On the morning of JP’s birthday, we drove out to visit the Wat Thai Temple—a peaceful, welcoming Thai Buddhist temple in the Valley. We spent the morning there. Meditating. Reflecting. Journaling. Receiving a blessing from the monks at noon. Chatting it up with a friendly Thai Grandma. It was beautiful.Wat Thai Temple
DSC01524   DSC01533
By the time we were done, it was lunch time! Normally, we’d eat at the temple when we come on the weekends. (Eating here on the weekend is reminiscent of eating street food in Thailand! We’ll have to share more about the experience in another entry.) However, we were there on a Wednesday, so no food vendors.

We then remembered Ras Noodle—a good Thai place that we’ve been to once about a mile away.


Ras Noodle
8205 Woodman Ave #104, Panorama City, CA 91402

It took us less than 5 minutes to drive over from Wat Thai Temple and find parking inside the little plaza.

We walked in, and Ras Noodle was as we’d remember…a small, Thai restaurant with no frills service and decor. We sat ourselves down at a table. We didn’t get menus right away, but the main decorations were photos of food from the menu. So we took a look at those until a waitress finally came by with two menus, which were nicely printed with a lot of professional photos. Same as the ones on the walls.

The Dishes

There were many dishes that looked delicious, and are cheap. We decided to go with the Boat Noodles and Catfish Curry this time.

Boat Noodles – $6.50 (large)

When you ordered boat noodles at Ras Noodle, you first select the type of noodles you want. There are four choices: egg noodles, flat noodles, pho rice noodles, and thin rice noodles. We chose thin rice noodles.

Our bowl of boat noodles came out smelling so savory and sweet. The broth was dark brown (almost a little muddy) because it had some cow and/or pigs blood, which is traditionally the base of this soup. It may sound weird, but the taste of this soup with the noodles, meat, and herbs is delicious!  At first bite, all I can say is “Yum!” The taste is so good; primarily salty and spicy with a little sweet- and sour-ness.

Ingredients: liver, pork balls, tripe, pork, been sprouts, cilantro, green onions, chili powder

Boat Noodles

The name of this soup comes from its origins of being served from boats in the canals of Bangkok, Thailand. Boat noodles are traditionally served in a small bowl, but there are usually small and large sizes of this soup available at most Thai restaurants in LA.

Boat Noodles close-up

 Catfish Curry – $9.00

This dish is cooked in a “dry” curry style with no coconut milk (similar to Pad Prik King). It has slices of catfish, bone-in, mixed in this rich and oily curry, with various herbs. Super flavorful. This catfish curry tastes spicy, sweet, and salty all at once! It’s available with or without rice. We recommend eating it with rice, so you can give your palette a break from the intense flavors every few bites.

Ingredients: green peppercorns, chilies, basil, galangal, a few red and green peppers, curry paste, palm sugar, fish sauce

Catfish Curry

Catfish Curry closeup


  • Bring cash with you. It’s a cash-only place, but there’s an ATM near the register.
  • There are free parking spots in the plaza lot, albeit limited. Otherwise, you’ll have to look for street parking.
  • Opened daily from 9:30am -9:00pm.