Thanks for checking out the LA Thai Food blog. If you’re looking for authentic Thai food in LA, you’re in the right place!

My husband JP loves Thai food, so much so that he’s been to Thailand six times! If you ever bring up the topic in conversation, you’d see JP’s eyes light up with excitement, as he shares his experiences with Thai food—favorite dishes, cooking tips, and recommendations on places to try. I’m sure all his friends, colleagues, and family can attest to this.

So when JP told me, earlier this month, that he’s starting a blog about LA Thai food, I got super excited. For him….He gets to share his passion with you. For me….I get to do “research” with him. And for all you Thai food lovers living in or visiting Los Angeles! Through this blog, we hope you’ll discover new dishes and places to try delicious Thai food. And tell us about places you love as well.
We hope you’ll enjoy this food adventure with us! Thanks for reading.